Punisher P.O.V.

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  • Punisher POV #1

    Jim Starlin and Bernie Wrightson combine their macabre talents once again (see Batman The Cult (1988), Weird (1988) & Hulk and Thing The Big Change (1987 Marvel GN)) to pit the Punisher against an ex-convict who accidentally turns himself into a grotesque menace. Written by Jim Starlin, with art and painted cover by Bernie Wrightson.

  • Punisher POV #2

    The Punisher, Nick Fury and the Kingpin all suspect that the horribly mutated Deke Wainscroft is responsible for a series of brutal slayings, but although Deke is no innocent, he is not the one they want.

  • The vampire hunter Chester Goudal is cleaning the NYC streets by killing the demons, and the Punisher is hot on the trail of Deke, the mutant monster thought responsible for the spree of brutal slayings. Another day in the Big Apple.

  • Punisher POV #4

    “Hindsight,” Couch potato or not, only the deranged fat man is on the right track to find the new grotesque abomination in the sewers after it ripped through the hospital staff; But when the Punisher arrives on the scene, the abomination isn’t quite what it was thought to be.