Punisher Summer Special

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  • Punisher Summer Special 1

    Bombs ‘R’ Us, the Punisher takes down a crazy masochist that served with him in Viet Nam. Crossed Purposes, the Punisher’s life is saved by the son of a mob boss and he has to decide how to deal with his criminal benefactor. Independence Day, the Punisher helps a cop take down one of America’s most wanted. Wish […]

  • Punisher Summer Special 2

    De Sade is back and trying to make a snuff film with the Punisher as the star. High Risk a salesman tries to sell the Punisher some life insurance in the middle of a firefight. The Local Punisher brings down some thugs while taking a subway ride.

  • Punisher Summer Special 3

    Punisher saves a little girl from car-jackers. Idyll the Punisher takes down a pair of bank robbers on the high seas.

  • Punisher Summer Special #4

    Soiled Legacy, Punisher helps a young African man break up a poaching ring. Punisher’s Armory profile by Eliot R. Brown. Killing an Afternoon, The Punisher’s visit to the dentist is interrupted by the Black Cullens gang.