Wolverine Punisher Damaging Evidence

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  • Wolverine Punisher Damaging Evidence #1

    Has the Punisher gone loco? Wolverine thinks so and aims to stop him from slaughtering innocent people. Don’t miss the return of much missed Punisher villains, Sniper and Damage, in a blockbuster story from Carl Potts. It’s chaos from page one when Wolverine is under the impression that the Punisher is one bullet short of […]

  • Wolverine Punisher Damaging Evidence #2

    Wolverine and the Punisher go at it! Wolvie doesn’t know that Frank’s been framed, and deals out his own special brand of justice when the Punisher’s accused of a series of brutal murders. Erskine’s artwork is incredibly detailed, while veteran Punisher writer Carl Potts crams this series with the hard-hitting action Punisher and Wolverine fans […]

  • Wolverine Punisher Damaging Evidence #3

    Don’t miss the final issue of this slash-happy, bullet-blasting series! Frank and Logan go head-to-head wild style with Sniper and the revamped Damage, and somebody is reduced to hamburger meat!