Year One

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  • Punisher Year One #1

    Bear witness to the evolution of a vigilante! Revealed at last are the events which shattered Frank Castle’s life and led him to become the most dangerous man alive. Discover what really happened on that fateful day in Central Park that changed a loving family man into a lone killing machine in this 4-issue limited […]

  • Punisher Year One #2

    Never-before-revealed details about Frank Castle’s life come to light in an issue that guest-stars Peter Parker and Betty Brant! In the wake of his wife and children’s murder, Frank Castle is the hit team’s next target. After agreeing to let the police handle the case, Castle learns they’re sweeping it under the rug. And then […]

  • Punisher Year One #3

    The penultimate issue of this limited series reveals untold details of the Punisher’s origin! The Costas have tried to hit Frank twice already, and missed both times. But they’re determined to give it one more shot! But will the marked man take the crime family out first?

  • Punisher Year One #4

    Final issue! Revealed at last: the bloodsoaked events leading up to the Punisher’s first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) #129! This issue ties up all the loose ends of Frank Castle’s origin, as he creates and dons the Punisher uniform for the first time.