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  • Heroic Age Heroes Vol 1 #1

    Enter the Heroic Age! In the aftermath of SIEGE, Steve Rogers assesses the state of Earth’s heroes in this 64-page extravaganza of character files! From old friends like Thor to newcomers such as Reptil, Steve asks this question: what makes them heroes? Find out how he really feels, and see how your favorite hero ranks […]

  • Impossible Man Summer Vacation Vol 1 #1

    Bored stiff with his own folk, The Impossible Man decides it’s time to take a vacation on Earth. After all, that’s where his friends like the Fantastic Four live, right? Not after Onslaught. What’s a poor Poppupian to do? Become the Earth’s wackiest hero, of course!

  • Official Handbook of the MU A - Z Vol 1 #9

    240pg Hardcover Consider this an intervention: You like to pretend you can tell the difference between Ronan and Ronin, but you can’t keep it up. Let go of your Pride, the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe was made for people like you! Where else are you going to get comprehensive biographies on everyone from […]

  • Punisher Movie Special

    This is the official comics adaptaion of the 1989 Punisher movie starring Lundgren as Frank Castle, a man out for revenge on the criminal underworld that murdered his family.

  • Silver Sable and the Wild Pack Vol 1 #10

    Crossed Purposes The Punisher guest stars! Is Sable just a female version of the Punisher? Find out when they both go after Leviathan! Sable must find out if her father is truly alive, and the super villain holds the key to the answer! But the Punisher is determined to see Leviathan dead…and heaven help anyone […]

  • What If? vol 2 #10

    What If… The Punisher’s Family Had Not Been Killed in Central Park?

  • What If? vol 2 #17

    What If… Kraven The Hunter Had Killed Spider-Man?

  • What If? Vol 2 #18

    What If… The Fantastic Four Battled Dr. Doom Before They Gained Their Powers?

  • What If? vol 2 #2

    What If… Daredevil Had Killed The Kingpin?

  • What If? vol 2 #24

    What If… Wolverine Was Lord of the Vampires?

  • What If? vol 2 #26

    What If… The Punisher Killed Daredevil?

  • What If? vol 2 #29

    What If Captain America Had Formed the Avengers?

  • What If? vol 2 #30

    What If… The Fantastic Four’s Second Child Had Lived?

  • What If? vol 2 #34

    What if…┬áThanos Changed Galactus into a Human Being

  • What If? vol 2 #44

    What if… Venom had possessed the Punisher?