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  • Heroes for Hire Vol 1 #8

    Revelations (Book One) The White Tiger returns to Wundagore to find it destroyed by Exodus; Jim Hammond is introduced to his new attorney, the She-Hulk; Iron Fist tells Misty Knight his real reasons for forming Heroes for Hire.

  • Heroes for Hire Vol 1 #9

    Conflict of Interest Iron Fist comes into conflict with Cage after agreeing to bring in the Punisher for the U.S. Government; White Tiger and Thena free themselves from Exodus. Story continues in part in Spider-Man 89.

  • Over the Edge Vol 1 #5

    Magdelena: Black and Red The Punisher and all the firepower he can fit into a phone booth! Heck, that’s less than it would cost to hire his lookalike for a bachelor party!

  • Punisher Die Hard in the Big Easey

    The Punisher battles zombies and bad guys down in the Big Easy.

  • Ruins Vol 1 #1

    A Marvel Alterniverse title! Instead of the Age of Heroes, Marvels photojournalist Phil Sheldon finds: the Avengers as outlaws; Peter Parker infecting his co-workers with a raging radioactive virus; and President X seen walking with a winged figure! Crafted by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Cliff and Terese Nielsen, this Marvel Alterniverse series puts a […]

  • Ruins Vol 2 #1

    Marvel’s favorite pessimist looks through his darkest glass yet into a world where ‘marvel’ is just another word for ‘horror.’ Nuclear warfare, internment camps, government oppression, drug addiction, degradation, suicide…and those are just the ones we have words for. Have the men and women we know as heroes made the situation better or worse? Here’s […]

  • Terror Inc. vol 1 #6

    A Killing in the Market The biggest of guns, the Punisher, guest stars! Power Man’s old foe Piranha Jones returns, and the Punisher and Terror slug it out to decide who’s going to kill him first! Continues next issue.

  • Terror Inc. vol 1 #7

    A Piece of the Action This is part two of Terror’s climactic clash with the Punisher, with the life and death of Piranha Jones hanging in the balance! Also, startling revelations about Terror’s true identity and purpose.