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  • Gambit Vol 1 #2

    Honor Amongst Thieves Gambit returns to New Orleans and finds the wife he thought was dead alive but in a coma; Bella Donna’s father, Marius, challenges Remy to a duel of honor but their fight is broken up by Julien and his rogue assassins; Rogue helps Gambit take Bella Donna to the Thieves Guild but […]

  • Havok and Wolverine: Meltdown Vol 1 #4

    Meltdown: part 4 of 4 “Endgame” The conclusion! Wolverine must stop the diabolical Meltdown from seizing the power of the runaway Russian nuclear power plant. The problem for Wolverine is, how can he do it without killing Havok?

  • Punisher Die Hard in the Big Easey

    The Punisher battles zombies and bad guys down in the Big Easy.

  • Punisher War Journal Vol 1 #40

    Mar 1992, $1.75 “Good Money After Bad” Writer(s): Chuck DIXON Penciler(s): Steven BUTLER Inker(s): Kim DEMULDER & Mike BARREIRO Colorist: Steve BUCCELLATO

  • Punisher War Journal Vol 1 #50

    Jan 1993, $2.95 “Unfriendly Skies” Writer(s): Chuck DIXON Artist(s): Mark TEXEIRA Colorist: Steve BUCCELLATO “Trespassers” Writer(s): Steven GRANT Artist(s): Shawn MCMANUS Colorist: Matt HOLLINGSWORTH “Preview: Punisher 2099” Writer(s): Pat MILLS & Tony SKINNER Penciler(s): Tom MORGAN Inker(s): Jimmy PALMIOTTI Colorist: Kevin TINSLEY

  • Spider-Man 2099 vol 1 #16

    The Hammer Strikes: Chapter One of The Fall Of The Hammer Miguel gets Thor mad and is thrown off the floating city; He comes back as Spider-Man and fights Thor for awhile; Gabriel, meanwhile, learns that something is seriously wrong with Miguel’s Holo-agent, Lyla. The story is continued in Ravage #15.

  • Uncanny X-Men vol 1 #341

    When Strikes a Gladiator! Cannonball and Gladiator go toe-to-toe; Gladiator transports the X-Men out to save the Shi’ar Empire.

  • X-Men vol 2 #109

    When Strikes a Gladiator