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  • Doc Samson Vol 1 #3

    Copycats The world’s only hunky green-haired shrink needs some time alone! He tries to score it at convicted killer Crazy Eight’s grave, but winds up face-to-gun barrel with the Punisher! After a heated argument over capital punishment (remember, Doc helped send Frank to the chair), the Punisher offers to help the good doctor make a […]

  • Quasar Vol 1 #42

    The White Room Quasar encounters the past protectors of the universe in the White Room, the resurrected Marvel Boy (now calling himself Blue Marvel) partners up with the Punisher, and Kayla unleashes her power in “The White Room”.

  • The Punisher Vol 3 #5

    Mar 1996, $1.95 “Firepower” Writer(s): John OSTRANDER Penciler(s): Pat BRODERICK Inker(s): Ralph CABRERA Colorist: John KALISZ Appearences: Rosalie Carbone (DO), Firefox (FA), Tombstone

  • What If? vol 2 #29

    What If Captain America Had Formed the Avengers?