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  • Daredevil Vol 1 #292

    Body Count DD tries to find out who murdered a local martial arts master and all fingers point to the Taskmaster; When he tracks the villian down, he finds that Taskmaster and Tombstone have been competing in a twisted hit-man contest with each other; Before DD can decide how to intervene, the Punisher swings in […]

  • Daredevil Vol 1 #293

    Murder by Numbers Daredevil tries to take on Taskmaster and Tombstone while simultaneously trying to keep the Punisher from killing the two villains; Kingpin guest-stars.

  • Nightstalkers Vol 1 #5

    When the Nightstalkers try to stop Shiv and his coven from finishing their sacrificial rites Shiv manages to escape; He then kills Beth and Benny Casim and burns Adam Casim horribly before Blade can stop him. To keep from blowing their cover as Borderline Investigative Services the Nightstalkers allow both Shiv and Adam Casim to […]

  • Nightstalkers Vol 1 #6

    the Punisher enters the world of the Nightstalkers.

  • Punisher Captian America Blood and Glory #1

    “We the Peopleā€¦!”  

  • Punisher Captian America Blood and Glory #3

    “Establish the Blessings of Liberty”  

  • Terror Inc. vol 1 #6

    A Killing in the Market The biggest of guns, the Punisher, guest stars! Power Man’s old foe Piranha Jones returns, and the Punisher and Terror slug it out to decide who’s going to kill him first! Continues next issue.

  • Terror Inc. vol 1 #7

    A Piece of the Action This is part two of Terror’s climactic clash with the Punisher, with the life and death of Piranha Jones hanging in the balance! Also, startling revelations about Terror’s true identity and purpose.

  • The Punisher/Black Widow: Spinning Doomsday's Web

    Frank Castle, the scourge of the underworld known as the Punisher, must team-up with super-spy the Black Widow to stop a madman from unleashing Armageddon on the world.

  • The Punisher v2 Annual #4

    1991, $2.00 “Genesis Of A Vigilante” Writer(s): Mike BARON Artist(s): Tom MORGAN Colorist: Paul MOUNTS “The Cutting Edge (Von Strucker Gambit Part 2)” Writer(s): Gregory WRIGHT & Dan CHICHESTER Penciler(s): John HEBERT Inker(s): Jimmy PALMIOTTI, Don HUDSON & Jim REDDINGTON Colorist: Gregory WRIGHT, Ed LAZELLARI & Sarra MOSSOFF “Fat Farm” Writer(s): Mike BARON Artist(s): Tom […]