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  • Hail Hydra Vol 1 #2

    • Can Ian Rogers, Nomad, survive a land ruled by Hydra? • Can he survive the rage of Eddie Brock, prime assassin to the regime? • The secrets within Nomad’s head are priceless, holding the key to Hydra’s future, and someone’s going to crack him open and dig them out.

  • Marvel Knights Double-Shot Vol 1 #1

    Roots Two killer creative teams open up both barrels with two twisted tales starring Daredevil and the Punisher! We’re celebrating Marvel Knights’ 4th huge year with a new series that spotlights the imprint’s most popular characters and creators! First, Garth Ennis and Joe Quesada let the Punisher demonstrate why good oral hygiene is so important! […]

  • Marvel Knights Vol 2 #1

    The Brothers Grace ? multi-billionaire European businessmen who happen to be addicted to plastic surgery ? are moving into the vacuum left by the Kingpin’s absence. Under the direction of their evil majordomo, Mr. Tune, the Brothers’ personal army begins their absorption of every criminal enterprise in the city! North Korean police detective (and S.H.I.E.L.D. […]

  • Marvel Knights Vol 2 #2

    The Brothers Grace ? multi-billionaire European businessmen addicted to plastic surgery ? continue their campaign to build a new criminal empire in New York City! Extortion, drug-dealing and murder are the order of the day, and even the best efforts of DD and the Black Widow aren’t enough to stop the mayhem in the streets! […]

  • Marvel Knights Vol 2 #3

    New York’s criminal enterprises have been consolidated under the control of the Brothers Grace, two plastic surgery-addicted European multi-billionaires whose corruption now reaches into the highest levels of city government! Realizing that conventional crime-fighting methods will no longer work, the Marvel Knights begin training for a very unconventional assault on the root of the Grace […]

  • Marvel Knights Vol 2 #4

    The Knights take to the high seas in a daring move to bring down the criminal empire of the plastic surgery- addicted European multi-billionaires known as the Brothers Grace! But, like cornered rats, the Brothers Grace become even more vicious when attacked — and that is very, very vicious indeed!

  • Marvel Knights Vol 2 #5

    Without the money to pay off Kingpin’s former associates, the Brothers Grace decide to bail out on New York — but the Marvel Knights won’t let them get away that easily! And when Mr. Tune decides to stay behind to finish his masterpiece of evil, it’s up to Punisher to shut the madman down!

  • Marvel Knights Vol 2 #6

    “Say Goodnight Gracie”