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  • Darkhold Vol 1 #4

    Cry N’Garai! The Darkhold takes posession of a small town; appearances by Sabretooth, Scarlet Witch, and the Punisher.

  • Darkhold Vol 1 #5

    The Living Dead Styge threatens to raise the Punisher’s family from the dead; appearances by Ghost Rider, Dr. Strange, and Scarlet Witch.

  • Doc Samson Vol 1 #3

    Copycats The world’s only hunky green-haired shrink needs some time alone! He tries to score it at convicted killer Crazy Eight’s grave, but winds up face-to-gun barrel with the Punisher! After a heated argument over capital punishment (remember, Doc helped send Frank to the chair), the Punisher offers to help the good doctor make a […]

  • Double Edge Alpha

    Over the Edge: Part 1 of 6 “Reset” Wraparound chromium cover by Kerry Gammill and Tom Palmer. The Punisher has snapped, he will destroy the man who slaughtered his family. Nick Fury is desperate, he must bring down the man tearing up the streets of New York. They hunt each other. Story continues in Daredevil (1964-1998 […]

  • Double Edge Omega

    Over the Edge: Part 6 of 6 “Glory Days” Guest-starring Daredevil, Doc Samson and Ghost Rider. Wraparound chromium cover by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti. Story continued from Doctor Strange (1988 3rd Series) #81. The Punisher and Nick Fury have each other in their sights–but who pulls the trigger–and who will die? This 48-pager concludes “Over […]

  • Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Punisher Hearts of Darkness

    It would take the greatest of evils to stand against the combined power of Ghost Rider, the Punisher and Wolverine. And that’s exactly what they have to face – – Blackheart, the demonic son of Mephisto!  Story continued in “The Dark Design”

  • Spider-Man Punisher Family Plot #2

    If the new Spider-Man and the Punisher don’t put aside their differences, there’s going to be one dead mayor and one smiling Tombstone! Written by Tom Lyle. Art by Joe Bennett and Mike Witherby.

  • What If? vol 2 #51

    What if The Punisher became Captain America?