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  • Captain Marvel Vol 5 #2

    Shock Absorber  

  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol 1 #14

    Taking Wing: Part 1 of 3 It’s the return of Peter Parker’s old flame, Deb Whitman! Unfortunately for Peter, she’s written a tell-all memoir about her relationship with him, entitled “How Spider-Man Ruined My Life.” Ouch! As if that weren’t bad enough, the Vulture has been set loose from prison to scavenge for Spider-Man, but […]

  • Incredible Hulk Annual #17

    SUBTERRANEAN WARS: Part 2 of 5  “Old As the Hills.” Plus the back-up stories: “Vicious Cycle”; “Mean Joe” (five contest winners featured in short story); “Hero Worship” (starring Rick Jones); and “Not to the Swift” (starring the Pantheon).

  • Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #395

    “Return to Vegas.” Part 1 of 2 When the Hulk worked in Las Vegas as a hired muscle known as Mr. Fixit he worked for a casino owner and mafioso named Mickey Berengetti. Mickey was just murdered by a rival, and he was the Hulk’s friend. He doesn’t have many friends. Now the Hulk and […]

  • Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #396

    “Frost Bite.” Part 2 of 2 Doctor Octopus shows up for Round 2 with the Hulk. Problem is this time the Hulk isn’t holding back. Plus, Frank Castle teams up with the Hulk and the Pantheon to take down Mickey Berengetti’s murderers. They just have to get by the big bruiser called Mr. Frost.

  • Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #433

    Over the Edge: Part 4 of 6 – “Punishment Fit the Crime!” Thinking that he is part of Fury’s plot to kill his family, Punisher attacks crooked businessman Wulf Christopher; When SHIELD moves in, Hulk intervenes and allows the Punisher to escape.

  • Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #434

    Over the Edge: Epilogue – “Funeral Story.” Guest-starring the Avengers, Wolverine, Spider-Woman, Black Widow, Shang Chi, and the Howling Commandos. Punisher and Nick Fury cameos. Story by Peter David. Art by Justiniano and Al Milgrom. The Punisher has killed Nick Fury and the Hulk didn’t save him. Everyone from the Howling Commandos to the Avengers […]

  • Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #441

    Hulk Fiction In the aftermath of last issue’s explosive finale, the Hulk is gone. Betty Banner’s life with the Hulk has been a tumultuous one at best. She takes a few quiet moments to write her auto biography.

  • The Last Avengers Story Vol 1 #1

    The Last Avengers Story: Part 1 of 2 Time has marched on for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and many of the well-known avengers from the silver and bronze ages have moved into retirement or sadly fallen in battle. But many of the avengers’ old villains are still around and in one fell swoop they destroy the […]

  • Marvel Mangaverse The Punisher

    Meet the Punisher… if you’re bad, she’ll spank you! ? THE STORY: Meet Sosumi Brown. In her regular identity, she’s known as the strict, tough-as-nails principal of the Ikenobo School ? but to the gangsters and seedy underworld elements in Japan, she’s known as the paddling Punisher! When Tokyo’s number one crime family summons up […]

  • Punisher Summer Special 1

    Bombs ‘R’ Us, the Punisher takes down a crazy masochist that served with him in Viet Nam. Crossed Purposes, the Punisher’s life is saved by the son of a mob boss and he has to decide how to deal with his criminal benefactor. Independence Day, the Punisher helps a cop take down one of America’s most wanted. Wish […]

  • Spider-Man 2099 vol 1 #16

    The Hammer Strikes: Chapter One of The Fall Of The Hammer Miguel gets Thor mad and is thrown off the floating city; He comes back as Spider-Man and fights Thor for awhile; Gabriel, meanwhile, learns that something is seriously wrong with Miguel’s Holo-agent, Lyla. The story is continued in Ravage #15.

  • Spider-Man 2099 vol 2 #7

    SPIDER-VERSE TIE-IN! Weird science with Spider-people! Spider-Man of the year 2099 and Lady Spider of the steampunk 1800’s team up to daringly dissect Daemos of the Inheritors!

  • The Punisher v2 Annual 05

    1992, $2.25 “The System Bytes, part 1: Byte By Byte” Writer(s): Peter DAVID Penciler(s): Steven BUTLER Inker(s): Dan PANOSIAN Colorist: Kevin TINSLEY “The Vengeance Routine” Writer(s): Rob TOKAR Penciler(s): Vince EVANS Inker(s): Al WILLIAMSON Colorist: Linda LESSMANN “Icecapade” Writer(s): Roger SALICK Artist(s): Val MAYERIK Colorist: Joe ROSAS “Punisher’s Top 10 Villains” Writer(s): George CARRAGONE Artist(s): […]

  • The Punisher Vol 2 #54

    Early Nov 1991, $1.00 “The Final Days, part 2: The Squeeze” Writer(s): Mike BARON Penciled: Hugh HAYNES Inker(s): Jim PALMIOTTI Colorist: Marcus DAVID Reprinted in Dutch: De Punisher #10 (Juniorpress)

  • The Punisher Vol 2 #55

    Late Nov 1991, $1.00 “The Final Days, part 3: Punisher Plea Bargain” Writer(s): Mike BARON Penciled: Hugh HAYNES Inker(s): Jim PALMIOTTI Colorist: Marcus DAVID Reprinted in Dutch: De Punisher #10 (Juniorpress)