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  • Daredevil Vol 1 #308

    Dead Man’s Hand Part 5: Dealing From the Bottom The mob bosses continue to fight over the Kingpin’s empire with DD caught in the crossfire. Continued from NOMAD #5; Continues through PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL #46 and next issue.

  • Daredevil Vol 1 #309

    Dead Man’s Hand Part 7: Cards On The Table The Vegas gang alliance continues to break down; DD takes on Izanami and Tombstone. Continues through NOMAD #6, and PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL #47.

  • Daredevil Vol 1 #344

    “Old Soldiers!” Over the Edge: Part 2 of 6 Story continued from Double Edge (1995 Marvel Edge) #1. Daredevil becomes even more unstable as he finds himself getting more and more violent with common criminals; The Punisher, still gunning for Nick Fury whom he believes killed his family, tries to get at him through his […]