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  • Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #284

     “And Who Shall Stand Against Them…?” Gang War: Part 1 of 5  The Kingpin has left New York! And now every crime boss, large or small, is vying for the top spot in the Big Apple! It’s a bloodbath in the streets as the Hobgoblin, Rose, Jack O’Lantern, Hammerhead, Silvermane, and the Arranger battle for […]

  • Daredevil Annual Vol 1 #4B

    A Tourist in Hell NOTE: The issue number is a mistake; this is really the fifth annual in the series. Atlantis Attacks. Spider-Man and Doctor Strange guest star in “A Friend in Need.” Cameos by Moon Knight and the Punisher.

  • Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 #22

    For Crown and Conquest! In the dark depths of the Pacific Ocean, the battle lines have been drawn for the final showdown against Lord Ghaur and Llyra! No less than 22 superheroes invade Lord Ghaur’s underwater base to rescue the seven brides of Set and save the world! Will the combined power of the Fantastic […]

  • Spectacular Spider-Girl Vol 2 #1

    Back to the War! SPIDER-GIRL’S BACK–AND SHE’S BROUGHT THE PUNISHER WITH HER! As a gang war threatens to tear her world apart and her clone, the Venom-like hybrid April Parker adopts a deadly new identity, MayDay Parker’s share of the old Parker luck gets cranked up to eleven when Frank Castle comes out of retirement! […]

  • Spectacular Spider-Girl Vol 2 #2

    In the Shadow of Death! It’s Spider-Girl vs. Spider-Girl! Desperate to stop the gang war between the Black Tarantula and Silverback before the Punisher hits town, Spider-Girl goes on a crime-stopping rampage which forces Man Mountain Marko to unleash his deadliest weapon–May’s own clone, April! PLUS: American Dream protects the city streets in a gang […]

  • Spectacular Spider-Girl Vol 2 #3

    Caught Between Killers! It’s an all battle issue as Spider-Girl confronts the Punisher and Wild Card before finding herself caught between the Black Tarantula and the merciless Mayhem.

  • Spectacular Spider-Girl Vol 2 #4

    The Invisible Hand! THE GANG WAR ENDS – BUT NO ONE TOLD THE HOBGOBLIN! Still reeling from last issue’s betrayal by Mayhem and the stunning revelation about Wild Card, Spider-Girl heads into her final confrontation with Silverback, the Black Tarantula and the Punisher and the Hobgoblin! Has time finally run out for Mayday Parker?!

  • Thunderstrike vol 1 #3

    A school shooting by a new vigilante named Sangre reveals a child pornography ring in the school; The target was Mr. Gerrins, one of Kevin Masterson’s teachers; Thunderstrike and Code:Blue work together to break up the ring and capture one of the ringleaders, who turns out to be Armand Pelps, the School District Supervisor; They […]