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  • Deadpool: Too Soon #1

    • SOMEONE HAS MURDERED FORBUSH MAN! Could someone be targeting all of Marvel’s funniest characters for death? • That’s what Deadpool thinks, and now he’s gotta act before someone bumps off SQUIRREL GIRL, ROCKET RACCOON, GROOT, ANT-MAN, HOWARD THE DUCK and THE PUNISHER! (Like we said, the funny characters.) • Good thing Deadpool is renowned […]

  • Deadpool: Too Soon #2

    • Can any stand against the might of… SQUIRRELPOOL?!? • Then… Deadpool & Ant-man hit the beaches! • Plus: Hey, people keep getting killed!

  • Deadpool: Too Soon Vol 1 #4

    • Someone has been murdering all of Deadpool’s friends – from Forbush Man to Rocket and Groot! • Now Wade Wilson is down to his final suspects and you’ll never guess who it is! • This Marvel Universe murder mystery comes to it’s exciting conclusion!