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  • Quasar Vol 1 #42

    The White Room Quasar encounters the past protectors of the universe in the White Room, the resurrected Marvel Boy (now calling himself Blue Marvel) partners up with the Punisher, and Kayla unleashes her power in “The White Room”.

  • Secret Defenders Vol 1 #4

    Roadkill! Punisher, Sleepwalker, Namorita, and Doctor Strange are united to try and defeat Roadkill.

  • Secret Defenders Vol 1 #5

    Get Your Kicks on Route 666 Starring Roadkill, Namorita, Sleepwalker, Punisher, and Dr. Strange, script by Roy Thomas, pencils by Andre Coates, inks by Don Hudson; Punisher is on Roadkill’s tail and aims to save Namorita on Route 666.

  • Thunderstrike vol 1 #3

    A school shooting by a new vigilante named Sangre reveals a child pornography ring in the school; The target was Mr. Gerrins, one of Kevin Masterson’s teachers; Thunderstrike and Code:Blue work together to break up the ring and capture one of the ringleaders, who turns out to be Armand Pelps, the School District Supervisor; They […]

  • What The--?! vol 1 #1

    Accounts Overdrawn–Checks Returned for Lack of Funds

  • What The--?! vol 1 #5

    Wake Up and Shoot the Coffee

  • What The--?! vol 1 #6

    Smacks of Vengeance!