Romita Sr.

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  • Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #500

    Happy Birthday: part 3 Two generations of the greatest Spider-Man artists of all time mark a milestone! It’s Peter Parker’s birthday … but how do you throw a surprise party for someone with a Spider- sense? Someone figures out how and Spidey spends his special day looking back at his career and EVERY villain he’s […]

  • Marve Romance Redux Vol 1 #1

    Print and Digital Comic Continuing the noble pursuit of taking funny old pictures and putting funny words on top of them! We’ve asked some of the funniest writers in comics today to look at the romance comics of yesteryear and put in some new dialogue that’ll make us laugh! Unfortunately, the FUNNIEST writers were busy, […]

  • Spider-Island Emergence of Evil

    Of all Spider-Man’s many foes, the Jackal and the Hobgoblin are two of the most tenacious. Both master manipulators, they’ve caused Spidey pain aplenty in the past — and now their shadows are again looming large! As a great evil emerges, peel back the layers of time and learn where it all began as we […]