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  • Punisher In the Blood #1

    Frank Castle is back. Back for revenge. Back in New York. Back to cleaning its streets. Back together, healed and strong, his mission resumed as he partakes in the sweet wet work, and notches up one of the highest body counts in Punisher history. Cyber sensei Henry Russo is back, keeping Frank proficient with an […]

  • Punisher In the Blood #2

    Betrayal! In the Punisher’s absence, the Jigsaw Brothers have carved out a respectable niche in New York’s criminal underground. But Frank Castle is back, and he’s killing their men – a lot of ‘em. Good thing for them, the Jigsaw Brothers know Frank well, and they have a contingency plan, one that’s been in place, […]

  • Punisher In the Blood #3

    After the apparent revelation last issue, the Punisher cannot get over the fact Maria had been alive following her resurrection by the Hood and seemingly being burnt alive to torture him. The Punisher decides to take down more gangs seeking information of Jigsaw’s whereabouts. Jigsaw and Stuart, meanwhile, are their plans to manipulating the Punisher. […]

  • Punisher In the Blood #4

    Who is the gorgeous, leather-clad, burn victim romantically entangled with both the Jigsaw Brothers? The answer will twist the knife buried deep in the belly of Frank Castle. The answer will shred his soul. The Punisher has fought his way though a hurricane of broken glass, nothing has broken him. He fought on. But no […]

  • Punisher In the Blood #5

    No more cat and mouse, no more games, no more Machiavellian manipulations, this is it, face to face, the unavoidable brutal showdown: The Punisher versus The Jigsaw Brothers! They’ve twisted the knife that The Hood left buried in Frank’s gut. They’ve dismantled his only friendship. They’ve killed innocent people in their pursuit of revenge. Now, […]