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  • Ghost Rider Vol 3 #61

    Betrayals: Part 4 of 4 – “The Fall!”¬† Guest-starring Daredevil, Punisher, Nick Fury and Wolverine. Ghost Rider has no where left to run, but he is not without friends. Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to BETRAYAL!

  • Ghost Rider Vol 3 #65

    In Chains: Part 4 of 4 – Over the Edge: Part 3 of 6 – “Countdown!” Guest-starring the Avengers, Nick Fury and Punisher.¬†Story continued from Daredevil (1964-1998 1st Series) #344. All hell breaks loose as Ghost Rider, Nick Fury, the Punisher, Spook, Scarecrow, and the Avengers all collide in a no holds barred free-for-all!

  • Punisher WZ Annual #2

    1994, $2.95 “Hurt So Good” Writer(s): Chuck DIXON Penciler(s): Dale EAGLESHAM Inker(s): Al WILLIAMSON Colorist: Christie SCHEELE “Second Chance” Writer(s): Ralph MACCHIO Penciler(s): Dave ROSS Inker(s): Tim DZON Colorist: Kevin SOMERS “Domino Theory” Writer(s): Steven GRANT Artist(s): Alberto SAICHANN Colorist: John KALISZ

  • The Punisher v2 074 - Police Action 02

    Jan 1993, $1.25 “Police Action, part 2” Writer(s): Dan ABNETT & Andy LANNING Penciler(s): Dougie BRAITHEWAITE Inker(s): RUBINSTEIN, Jimmy PALMIOTTI & WILLIAMSON Colorist: Marie JAVINS & SOMERS Reprinted in Dutch: De Punisher #16 (Juniorpress)

  • What If? vol 2 #112

    What If… Starring Ka-Zar: New York… …The New Savage Land… …No Escape!