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  • Fury MAX Vol 1 #7

    The Judgement of Your Peers Col. Nick Fury gets an assignment that takes him to Vietnam. Frank Castle, before he became The Punisher, is tasked to help Fury assassinate a Viet Cong general.

  • Fury MAX Vol 1 #8

    The Judgement of Your Peers Fury and Castle are POW. What do the Viet Cong have in mind for the war heroes?

  • Fury MAX Vol 1 #8

    Nobody Does It Quite the Way You Do Fury and Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher, are captured in Vietnam in the heat of the war. Discover the real reason Nick Fury was sent into the most dangerous place on earth.

  • Punisher The Platoon Vol 1 #4

    4: Absolute Consequences • Frank Castle arranges for his platoon to spend some R&R in Saigon, but that can’t be all Frank has planned there, can it? • If NVA General Letrong Giap’s plans succeed, Frank and his crew may not have a base to return to…

  • Punisher The Platoon Vol 1 #5

    5: Deadfall • The Platoon goes on a devastating mission that goes from bad to worse. • Viet Cong soldier LY QUANG has been after Frank and his men for months. Her chance to get them has arrived.

  • Punisher The Platoon Vol 1 #6

    6: Happy Childhoods • The end of Lt. Frank Castle’s first platoon. • The beginning of the Punisher?

  • Untold Tales of the Punisher MAX #1

    “Jimmy’s Collision” Jason Starr kicks off a mini series of untold Punisher stories.