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  • Web of Spider-Man Annual vol 1 #6

    At the heart of the Microverse, Psycho Man captures Spidey! Plus: a tale of the Rocket Racer.

  • Web of Spider-Man vol 2 #7

    Kraven the Hunter. Even in death, his legacy has managed to torture The Amazing Spider-Man. As the effects of the Gauntlet rage around Spider-Man, Kraven’s family have been pulling the strings towards a mysterious and sinister end game. This month, Fred Van Lente & Barry Kitson bring you the brutal training days of a young […]

  • What If? vol 2 #10

    What If… The Punisher’s Family Had Not Been Killed in Central Park?

  • What If? vol 2 #17

    What If… Kraven The Hunter Had Killed Spider-Man?

  • What If? Vol 2 #18

    What If… The Fantastic Four Battled Dr. Doom Before They Gained Their Powers?

  • What If? vol 2 #2

    What If… Daredevil Had Killed The Kingpin?