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  • Classic Punisher

    Re-presenting two full length Punisher stories along with a new eight page story. The first story is a redone story that was shown in Marvel Preview #2. The second story was published in Marvel Super Action # 1. Third Story Kite is an original presentation by Mike Baron

  • The Punisher/Black Widow: Spinning Doomsday's Web

    Frank Castle, the scourge of the underworld known as the Punisher, must team-up with super-spy the Black Widow to stop a madman from unleashing Armageddon on the world.

  • The Punisher Vol 2 #19

    May 1989, $1.00 “The Spider” Writer(s): Mike BARON Penciler(s): STROMAN Inker(s): EMBERLIN Colorist: John WELLINGTON Reprinted in Punisher Magazine #13

  • The Punisher Vol 2 #76

    Mar 1993, $1.25 “Lava” Writer(s): Mike BARON Penciler(s): STROMAN & KOBASIC Inker(s): MILGROM Colorist: Marie JAVINS