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  • Spider-Man: Power of Terror Vol 1 #3

    Division of Power Silvermane captures Deathlok and transfers his mind into Deathlok’s brain.

  • The Punisher v2 Annual #3

    1990, $2.00 “Lifeform, part 1: The Programma Strain” Writer(s): Mike BARON Artist(s): Neil HANSEN Colorist: Pat REDDING   “Punisher’s Fighting Techniques II” Writer(s): Roger SALICK Artist(s): Mark TEXEIRA Colorist: Heidi GOODHUE   “Punisher’s Arsenal Entries” Eliot R. BROWN “Forewarned Or Foretold?” Writer(s): Gregory WRIGHT Penciler(s): Lee SULLIVAN Inker(s): Kim DEMULDER Colorist: Evan SKOLNICK   “Philanthropy” […]