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  • JLA/Avengers #1

    THE EVENT 20 YEARS IN THE MAKING!¬∑WITH APPEARANCES BY EVERY AVENGER & JLA MEMBER … EVER! THE WAIT IS OVER! The most eagerly anticipated comic book crossover of all time has finally arrived, with alternating Prestige Format issues by Marvel & DC Comics! What cataclysmic threat could endanger two universes – and dwarf the combined […]

  • Maximum Security Vol 1 #1

    Illegal Aliens Marvel’s massive line-wide cosmic crossover begins! A worldwide rash of alien menaces spreads, threatening to overrun humantiy? not to mention Earth’s superhuman community! And as if dealing with the U.S.Agent in his new role as a federal “superhuman sheriff” wasn’t enough, the Avengers face a bigger problem in the the person of Ronan […]