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  • Doc Samson Vol 1 #3

    Copycats The world’s only hunky green-haired shrink needs some time alone! He tries to score it at convicted killer Crazy Eight’s grave, but winds up face-to-gun barrel with the Punisher! After a heated argument over capital punishment (remember, Doc helped send Frank to the chair), the Punisher offers to help the good doctor make a […]

  • Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 #25

    Citizen Kang, Part 3: Twice Upon a Time Moondragon and Mantis star in “Duel of Pride!” Script by Sonja Ratcliffe, pencils by Trimpe, inks by Charles Barnett. Kang the Conqueror stars in “A Hall of Mirrors.” Script by Peter Sanderson, pencils by Rich Yanizeski, inks by Ray Kryssing. Brief appearances by Spider-Man, the Hulk, the […]