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  • Machine Man is summoned by Uatu to witness…Earth X! What happened to the Marvel Universe that lead to this dystopian future?

  • In a future Marvel Universe where Plague X has given everyone powers, Captain America is the last human alive. Can he and his allies stop the new Red Skull?

  • Earth X Vol 1 ½

    Wizard 1/2 Edition Includes a story about Nick Fury and character sketches.

  • Earth X Vol 1 #3

    Earth X Chapter Three Namor battles the Skull’s army while Mr. Fantastic learns about Vibranium from the Inhumans. Written by Jim Krueger. Art by Alex Ross. Appendix to Chapter Three; X-51 and the Watcher discuss the Skull’s army.

  • Marvel Knights Genesis Edition

    Wizard Genesis Edition. Marvel Knights/Marvel Boy preview flipbook.