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  • Daredevil Vol 1 #292

    Body Count DD tries to find out who murdered a local martial arts master and all fingers point to the Taskmaster; When he tracks the villian down, he finds that Taskmaster and Tombstone have been competing in a twisted hit-man contest with each other; Before DD can decide how to intervene, the Punisher swings in […]

  • Daredevil Vol 1 #293

    Murder by Numbers Daredevil tries to take on Taskmaster and Tombstone while simultaneously trying to keep the Punisher from killing the two villains; Kingpin guest-stars.

  • Gambit Vol 1 #2

    Honor Amongst Thieves Gambit returns to New Orleans and finds the wife he thought was dead alive but in a coma; Bella Donna’s father, Marius, challenges Remy to a duel of honor but their fight is broken up by Julien and his rogue assassins; Rogue helps Gambit take Bella Donna to the Thieves Guild but […]

  • Marvel Age Vol 1 #138

    A look at The Punisher Meets Archie, with comments from Batton Lash and Don Daley.

  • Spider-Man vol 1 #32

    Vengeance, Part One Spider-Man is forced to team-up with one of his least favorite people in the world, Frank Castle, to take down a Spider-Man imposter who is murdering in the arachnid heroes name.

  • Spider-Man volv1 #33

    Vengeance, Part Two As Spider-Man fights for his life against his murderous body-double, the Punisher lines the arachnid hero up in his cross-hairs. Good Spidey…bad Spidey…the Punisher is going to do them both just to be sure.

  • Spider-Man vol 1 #34

    Vengeance Is Mine It’s a three-way showdown in the tradition of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly as Spider-Man, the Punisher, and the Master of Vengeance collide head-on! Don’t miss the shocking conclusion to “Vengeance!”

  • Spider-Man: Brand New Day Yearbook

    The past year saw some major changes for everyone’s favorite wall-crawler. For a recap of the 365 Brand New Days, grab yourself a copy of the Spider-Man Yearbook – featuring an illustrated, Saga-style synopsis of the thrice-monthly storytelling by the Spectacular Spider-Man Brain-Trust of Bob Gale, Marc Guggenheim, Joe Kelly, Dan Slott, Mark Waid and […]

  • Spider-Man: Mysterio Manifesto Vol 1 #2

    Mary Jane is alive! Baby May is back! As everything falls into place and all of the tragedies of his life fade into distant memories, Peter Parker must wonder: is this the way things should be?or is this Mysterio’s greatest triumph?

  • Spider-Man: Mysterio Manifesto Vol 1 #3

    It’s revelation time: who’s the face under the fishbowl? Spider-Man and Daredevil battle their most dangerous foes as they strive to solve the riddle of Mysterio! But the no-less-sinister Mad Jack may be the one who really holds the key to this evil enigma!

  • Wolverine Punisher #1

    Napoleon Deep in the South American jungle there’s a place of legend ? a final refuge for the nastiest of the nasty to disappear when, say …a guy like the PUNISHER in hunting you down. Now, Frank Castle is about to stumble upon it, and hardened men he’s driven there like frightened rats ? men […]

  • Wolverine Punisher #2

    The Lady, the Atheist, and the Demon. Deep in the South American jungle there’s a place of legend ? a final refuge for the nastiest of the nasty to disappear. Now, the Punisher and Wolverine have stumbled upon it, and its residents ? once targets of the Punisher ? couldn’t be happier …or more prepared!

  • Wolverine Punisher #3

    Who Are All Those People and Why Are They Shooting At Me? In the bowels of the South American jungle, the Punisher and Wolverine must fight for their lives against a town full of nasties just the firepower to bring them down.

  • Wolverine Punisher #4

    The Founding Father. In a steaming South American jungle, Logan and Frank Castle square off against a town full of bad guys with just the firepower to bring them down.

  • Wolverine Punisher #5

    It’s a Jungle out there. Everyone gets exactly what they deserve ? and maybe a little more ? in the conclusion to the limited series.