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  • The Punisher 2099 #29

    “Playing God” Doom names Jake Gallows his Minister of Punishment, giving Gallows the power to dispense justice as he sees fit!

  • The Punisher 2099 #30

    “Deadly at the Top” Doom’s Minister of Punishment is out of control! That is, until a new Punisher arrives to take Jake Gallows down!

  • The Punisher 2099 #31

    “Flesh and Steel” Jake Gallows: corrupt Agent of SHIELD? With Jake’s personal fall imminent, will Doom take matters into his own iron-plated hands?

  • The Punisher 2099 #32

    “Gravity Bites” The Punisher 2099’s own countdown begins! Doom and SHIELD close in as Jake runs out of ammo!

  • The Punisher 2099 #33

    “The Blue Star” It’s the return of Vendetta as the Punisher 2099’s own countdown continues!

  • The Punisher 2099 #34

    “The Stars are Skulls” Final fatal issue! Punisher is on the run for his life, leaving death in his wake! The countdown hits zero as the noose closes around Gallows’ neck! This blow-out leads directly into 2099 Apocalypse (1995) #1!

  • Punisher War Zone #41

    Jul 1995, $1.95 “Countdown: 2: Dead And Deader” Writer(s): Chuck DIXON Penciler(s): Rod WHIGHAM Inker(s): Mike WITHERBY Colorist: Tom ZIUKO Appearances: Bullseye, Carlos Cruz (DO), Mickey Fondozzi, Kingpin, Stone Cold   Previous issue in storyline: Punisher War Journal #79 Next issue in storyline: The Punisher #104