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  • Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #244

    “Ordeals!” Part 1 of 2. Last issue Peter Parker made the very tough decision to drop out of graduate school. At this point Aunt May doesn’t know that he did. When she finds out…she won’t be happy. Meanwhile the burglaries at the Osborn facilities continue! Fortunately on the eastside docks the web-slinger catches one in […]

  • Strange Tales Vol 2 #12

    As Dagger plummets to her certain death, Cloak tries desperately to save his only friend in the world.

  • Strange Tales Vol 2 #13

    The Punisher hunts Cloak and Dagger under orders from … the Kingpin! And caught in the middle is Power Pack!

  • Strange Tales Vol 2 #14

    Cloak and Dagger welcome guest stars galore as they face off against the Punisher… with Power Pack caught in the middle!