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  • Impossible Man Summer Vacation Vol 1 #1

    Bored stiff with his own folk, The Impossible Man decides it’s time to take a vacation on Earth. After all, that’s where his friends like the Fantastic Four live, right? Not after Onslaught. What’s a poor Poppupian to do? Become the Earth’s wackiest hero, of course!

  • Punisher Ghosts of Innocents #1

    Innocent victims are killed in a crossfire when the Punisher attempts to stop a pack of drug dealers. Is he being haunted by their ghosts? Recovering from a concussion, he vows to get even with the perp, namely the Kingpin.

  • Punisher Ghosts of Innocents #2

    In the conclusion of this 2-part bookshelf series, the action escalates in 48 pages of hard hitting excitement. After slipping past police officers posted outside his hospital room, the Punisher continues tracking the Kingpin and the Snake to avenge the murders of innocent people.

  • Punisher War Journal Vol 1 #39

    Feb 1992, $1.75 “Slay Ride” Writer(s): Chuck DIXON Penciler(s): Ron WAGNER Inker(s): Rod RAMOS Colorist: R. WITTERSTAETTER & P. FELIX ¬†

  • What If? vol 2 #34

    What if…¬†Thanos Changed Galactus into a Human Being

  • What The--?! vol 1 #15

    Strange Young Fighting Frogs