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  • Darkhawk Vol 1 #9

    Honor Among Psychotics Chris and Cheryl visit Headset in the hospital then go to a mall in which a battle rages between Punisher, Savage Steel, and arms dealers. Darkhawk, after regenerating a hand in the battle, stops Punisher from killing Savage Steel; Mike Powell meets with the private detective that Grace hired.

  • Marc Spector: Moon Knight Vol 1 #8

    Devils In the House While the rest of the super hero community has their hands full with the Acts of Vengeance, Moon Knight and Midnight head out on a routine patrol; They come across an Ultimatum operation where they also encounter the Punisher on surveillance; MK sends Midnight home and he and the Punisher begin […]

  • Marc Spector: Moon Knight Vol 1 #9

    Called To Heaven Flag Smasher plans on using the distraction of the Acts of Vengeance as cover in his latst bid for taking over the world but MK and Punisher get in the way. Acts of Vengeance crossover.

  • The Punisher/Black Widow: Spinning Doomsday's Web

    Frank Castle, the scourge of the underworld known as the Punisher, must team-up with super-spy the Black Widow to stop a madman from unleashing Armageddon on the world.

  • The Punisher Armory #10

    Showing off all of the weapons at Frank Castle’s disposal.

  • The Punisher Armory #9

    Profiles on the Punisher’s arms and equipment, narrated by the Punisher himself.

  • Web of Spider-Man Annual vol 1 #6

    At the heart of the Microverse, Psycho Man captures Spidey! Plus: a tale of the Rocket Racer.

  • Web of Spider-Man vol 2 #7

    Kraven the Hunter. Even in death, his legacy has managed to torture The Amazing Spider-Man. As the effects of the Gauntlet rage around Spider-Man, Kraven’s family have been pulling the strings towards a mysterious and sinister end game. This month, Fred Van Lente & Barry Kitson bring you the brutal training days of a young […]